The Flourishing ZUT

Zhengzhou University of Technology , founded on the basis of Zhongzhou University with its name inscribed by Chen Yun, former vice-chairman of the CPC central committee, is a regular public university. Over 37 years, under the leadership of Party committees and governments at different levels, ZUT has fully carried out the party’s national principle on education, firmly adhered to following the socialist education direction, and persistently deepened educational reform. Since 2013,the university has initiated a series of programs, generally called “1·5·5” project, with an aim to make improvement in specialty setting, faculty training, campus infrastructure and cultural building, and regulation formulating. Overall reforms have been carried out and prosperous prospect created. ZUT, where a large number of quality professors have been working, has now grown into a highly recognized regular university.ZUT’s beautiful campus is located in the north of Zhengzhou city covering an area of 1483.83 Mu with floor space being 482,400 square meters.The total value of teaching instruments and equipment reaches275.40 million yuan.ZUT has a library collection of over 1.577 million catalogued books, 1,211 journals published in Chinese and foreign languages, 1.2 million e-books, and 6,532 e-journals. 20 databases in Chinese and foreign languages including Chinese Journal Full-text Database (CJFD) are available here.

At ZUT there are 954 faculty members, out of which 780 are instructors. A total of 42.54% instructors have senior deputy or above academic titles, and staff with Master’s degree or above account for 71.59%, “double qualification” teachers making up 56.04%. At ZUT work 22 winners of national- and provincial-level “excellent teacher” title, 30 academic and technological leaders recognized by Henan provincial government or Henan Education Department, and 8 provincial- and municipal-level prestigious teachers. 19 faculty members have been funded by Henan provincial programs for supporting science and technological innovative talent in universities and young teachers playing key roles, and 3 provincial-level teaching teams recognized by education authority. A large number of prestigious experts and scholars have been working here.‍

ZUT education covers 6 academic fields: engineering, economics, management science, art, literature, education and law. A total of 51 bachelor degree and vocational education programs are provided. The annual employment rate of graduates holds steady at above 96%. 211 on-campus training laboratories and 317 off-campus internship or employment bases are readily available to ZUT students, including a number of national- and provincial-level model training bases, municipal-level key laboratories, and engineering (technological) training centers. ZUT has actively served enterprises and society, and it has worked for a long time in collaboration with enterprises to address key science and technological problems, research and develop new products, and reform manufacturing techniques. A total of 16 institutes or research centers have been built in ZUT, inclusive of the Research Base of National and Local Governance Institute of China Behavior Law Association, Research Institute of Central Plains Green Development, Zhengzhou Research Center of High Performance Organic Functional Materials and Zhengzhou National Inspection Center of Light Industry and Food Quality. ZUT has established long-term cooperation with overseas universities, such as the Seneca College in Canada,theUniversity College Chichester in Britain, the Nazarene University in South Korea, and the Tsukuba University of Technology in Japan.

In recent years, ZUT has constantly expanded educational space and unswervingly improved education environment. It has actively participated in Beijing-Henan Cooperative strategy and contributed to implementing the agreement to deepen Beijing-Henan cooperation in all round. ZUT has effectively pushed forward the work in building its four campuses---the cultural environment on Yingcai, Longzihu, and Hanghai campuses has been improved greatly, Jinghe campus has already begun to come into service, and the plan to construct new campus in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has already been approved by Zhengzhou Reform and Development Commission.

Like a ship in a favorable wind, China is now undergoing a rapid development and steering toward a prosperous prospect. In the new historical starting point when China endeavors to transform some universities into ones featuring applied technologies, Henan speeds up its five major national development strategies, and Zhengzhou is constructing itself as a national central city, ZUT will take the opportunities to undertake social responsibility, work actively in collaboration with industry development, and serve economic and social development in Henan province and Zhengzhou city. In order to contribute to constructing Zhengzhou as an international commercial center and speeding up the development of Zhengzhou urban areas and Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, ZUT will implement a series of programs generally called "1234" project as guidance for its work, constantly enhancing education capability, management level and innovation and business starting guidance. Noticeable improvement must be assured to achieve in teacher’s quality, education and research level, students’ comprehensive quality and the vigor of school development.Under the leadership of the provincial and municipal Party committees and governments, all ZUT staff and students with full enthusiasm, pragmatic attitude, the spirit of innovation and efficient work style, taking school development as their mission, are making joint efforts to overcome tough problems ahead and finally fulfill the strategic goal to construct an application-oriented university which can to a certain degree support local social and economic development and has certain influence in Henan and beyond.

(Data collected by September 2017)

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