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Chen Yun’s style of calligraphy (Chen Yun,former vice-chairmanof the CPC central committee)

School badge:

[Interpretation of school badge]

Constitution of school badge

The picture of ZIT’s school badge, injinred(C:30 M:100 Y:100 K:0), consists of English name, school motto, founding time as well as a wheel and a rubber, bothwithsymbolic meanings.

Interpretation of school badge

Spirit/ School Motto

As the spirit of a school, themotto represents its educational concept andhumanisticspirit. Based on its history and culture, ZIT’s school motto is condensed into“cultivate virtue; improve learning; persevere in practice and encourage innovation”, which not only expresses its educationalprincipleand historical traditionbut also represents its cultural pursuit and mental outlook.


The wheel, standing for marching right ahead courageously, symbolizes ZIT’s stepsto advancewith the times andelaborates“cherish persistence and innovation”in the school motto.


Theoctagon, comprised of two squares, points eight directions respectively, which symbolizes ZIT has students everywhere.

Time/ Helmsman

The rudder,controllingthe directionof travel, represents that ZIT navigates the numerous students’life journey and the students will behelmsmen to lead the future.

Name/Seal Character

Seal character, the earlieststyle of Chinese calligraphy, is structureddecoratively,withsolemn strokes, rigorous spaces and graceful shape. The school name iswrittenin this style to show ZIT’sinheritanceof Chinese culture, which creates a strong culturalatmosphere.

Rule/ Rectangle and Circle

Theschool badgeis outlined in rectangle and circle. The rectangle is the rule, which is essential for a man, while the circle is the flexibility, which is the way to conduct oneself in society. If you don’t follow the rules, you cannot do the right thing; if you don’t changeeasily to suit a different situation, you cannot secure a place in society. We should not only obey the rules but adapt to circumstances as well. Only bearing the rules in your mind and leaning to be flexible, can we live in harmony for the whole life.

JinRed/Chinese Color

Red, conveying the Chinese culture, is considered as the Chinese color.Jinred, reserved andsedate, indicates the students of ZIT will have a promisingfuture.

School motto:cultivate virtue; improve learning;persevere in practiceandencourageinovation

[Interpretation of schoolmotto]

The school motto represents its educational concept, expresses its faculty and students’pursuit, dreams and beliefs, inherits and transmits its history and spirit. AfterZIT party committee’s repeated research, the motor of Zhongzhou University is officially confirmed as“cultivate virtue; improve learning; cherish persistence and innovation”on April 29, in 2006. It represents its educational concept—to cultivate students’complete personality, pursueknowledge, nurture talents and serve society

“Cultivate virtue”:Asancestors said,“Talent issubsidiarytovirtue; virtue counts a lot more than talent.”Virtue andknowledgeare long people’s necessities and pursuit. So-called“cultivate virtue”is to make students support the Party’s policy and cultivate students’moral character.

Universities are the places tonurture talents. The success of higher education depends on whether the talents can support the Party’s policy and serve the country and society, in which cultivatingvirtueplays a key role. Therefore,moral educationmust be a high priority in universities.We should adhere to“people-oriented education, moral education comes first”, especially at present the higher education in China tends to be popular gradually.

“Improve learning”:Confuciussaid,“A gentleman is reserved in speech but expeditious in action.”So-called“min”in ancient Chinese refers to“being swift”and“to do more practical work”. Improving leaning means students are able tostudydiligently,acquirecertainscientificandculturalknowledge, developtheoreticalaccomplishment and well adapt to society.

Adhering to improve learning shows our correct understanding of situations and expectations of our numerous students. We aim to nurture skilled talentswithhighquality, which doesn’t conflict with students’acquisition oftheoretical knowledge. According toMarxistepistemology, practice is an activitywiththe aim of transforming the objective world based on cognition, in whichthe subjectivity can be reflectedin theobjectivity. There is no difference betweennurturingskilledand high-qualitytalentsfree of certainacquisition of theoretical knowledgeand climbing a tree to catch a fish.

“Persevere in practice”: As was said inThe Doctrine of the Mean:Chapter20,“A gentleman shouldstudy extensively,inquire prudently,think carefully,distinguish clearly,and practice earnestly.”It describes several stages oflearning, which increaseprogressively.“Du”in Chinese means“being persistent”. Only the personwithdefinite objectives and firm willpower can really persevere in practice.

“Perseverein practice”is the last stage of learning, that’s to say, students should put what they have learned into practice to achieve unity of knowledge and practice. We include it in the school motto to emphasize that teachers should not only lead students to acquire theoreticalknowledgebut also cultivate students’ability to put theory into practice in the teaching process.

“Encourage innovation”: To be innovative, both faculty and students need to adapt to thedevelopmentof our time.Weshould not only be steady but also innovative, while we must not get stuck in a groove and rest content with old practices. The college students, main force toconstructour country in thefuture, are the future of our countryandhope of our nation. Their innovative awareness and enterprising spirit decide the future of our nation. In this sense, universities are shaping the future of the nation and every university in china has anunshirkableduty to cultivatecontemporarystudents’creative spirit. We include“encourage innovation” in the school motto torespond to the social duties actively. It’s not only the requirement of our time but also requirement, stimulation and spur of every one in every university.

In summary, the school motto-cultivate virtue; improve learning; persevere in practice and encourage innovation- reflects our objectives to cultivateskilledand high-qualitytalentswho are not only able to work in the forefront of production andservice, but also to start a business andcontinueto learn,withgood moral quality,creative spirit, social responsibility, professional knowledge and practical ability. Understanding the school motto is to understand the spirit and culture of ZIT.

School spirit: unity,diligence,realismand innovation

Teaching spirit:knowledgeable,benevolent,attentiveanddedicated

Learning spirit:diligent, thoughtful,determinedand honest







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