The Heroine of the Korean War, "May Fourth" Medal Winner Liu Yueji Visits the Moral Hall of ZIT
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On Nov. 18, the moral lecture was held in the lecture hall of the library of Jinhe campus, sponsored by the Party Propaganda Department of Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, undertaken by the School of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering, the Youth League of ZIT, and the Information Management Center of ZIT. Liu Yurji, the "May Fourth" medal winner, Women Model of Henan province, Model Worker of Henan province, Advanced Worker of Zhengzhou, and Model Worker of Kaifeng, gave a lecture focusing on the importance of firm ideals and beliefs with her own experiences in the battlefield.

At the age of fifteen, Liu Yueji bent on following the footsteps of the 15th Army and made up her mind to devote to her country and people, regardless of her mother's opposition. Liu told a very touching story, during the long march of the army, her feet were worn and bleeding, Qin, the army general, asked her to ride his white horse and took care of her. But she took General Qin for granted as a common stableman. It is really a very beautiful memory. When recalling the very tough period of the war and many young comrades dying in front of her, Liu choked, which made all the teachers and students at presence deeply moved.

The moral lecture includes eight parts: introspection, singing songs, learning models, chanting classics, doing charity, send auspicious things, bowing to moral, and one good thing for one lecture. Liu’s firm beliefs,fearless heroism and optimism, set a good example to all the attendees. The teachers and students will firm their ideals and beliefs to be useful to the society.

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Liu Yueji at her lecture

Bowing to moral

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