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School Overview
School Profile

Zhengzhou university of Technology is a public full-time general undergraduate higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education on the basis of the original Zhongzhou University.Over the past 43 years, under the leadership of Party committees and governments at all levels, the University has comprehensively implemented the educational policy of the Party and the State, adhered to the socialist orientation in running the school, and continuously deepened the reform of education and teaching with the goal of cultivating high-quality applied talents for local economic and social development. The school space has been continuously expanded, the school scale has been continuously expanded, and the school level has made a leap forward. The university has trained more than 130,000 graduates in total, conveying batches of pillars for the society and the country, making outstanding contributions to the national and local economic development, and has been fully affirmed and recognized by the society.The university has won the National College Campus Culture Construction outstanding Achievement Award, Henan Province Civilized Unit, Henan Province civilized Campus, Henan Province higher education teaching advanced collective, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China Henan people satisfied with the university and other honorary titles.

The University is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains in the north of Zhengzhou City, on the bank of the beautiful Yellow River, enjoying a beautiful environment.The university has four campuses, Yingcai, Jinhe, Hanghai and Longzi Lake, with a total area of 1057.14 mu(the Chinese version of acre) and a total construction area of 67200 square meters.The total value of teaching equipment is 254 million yuan;The library has more than 1.63 million paper books, 1.3 million electronic books, and nearly 10 Chinese and foreign language databases.The new Hangkong Gang campus, which covers an area of 751.43 mu (planning 1537 mu), is actively under construction.In recent years, the population of the quality students has been continuously improved. The school now has 16,651 full-time undergraduate and junior college students, including 13,265 undergraduates.

Adhering to the guidance of high-quality Party building, the University has continuously improved its ability to run the school.The university has made excellent achievements in education and teaching, scientific research, serving the society, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation.

Based on local services to society, scientific layout to promote development.According to the economic, social and industrial composition and development trend of Zhengzhou City, focusing on the needs of strategic supporting industries, strategic emerging industries and traditional advantageous industries of Zhengzhou City, the university has clearly defined the discipline layout of engineering as the main task, and the coordinated development of economics, management and other disciplines. At present, there are 6 disciplines including engineering, economics, management, art, literature and education. The university enrolls 47 majors, 36 of which are undergraduate majors.In recent years, the university has comprehensively improved the level of discipline construction by innovating mechanisms, deepening reforms, improving quality, highlighting characteristics and accelerating construction.

Adhering to the principle of strengthening the university with talents, the University has established a team of teachers with reasonable structure, excellent quality and determination to forge ahead.At present, the university has 1,231 staff members and 905 teachers, including 276 teachers with professional and technical positions of associate senior or above, and 591 teachers with master's degrees or above.The University has not only experts who enjoy the special government allowance of The State Council, "Thousand People in Central China" -- leading talents in basic research, provincial outstanding experts, provincial academic and technological leaders, but also scientific and technological elites such as provincial outstanding talents in scientific and technological innovation, provincial outstanding youth in scientific and technological innovation, and provincial scientific and technological innovation talents in universities. There are also national outstanding teachers, provincial outstanding teachers, provincial model teachers, provincial teaching teachers of colleges and universities, municipal teaching teachers and other famous teachers.At present, there are 4 provincial excellent teaching teams, 3 provincial innovative science and technology teams, and 1 municipal technical skills famous teacher studio.A large number of well-known experts and scholars from all walks of life have been teaching in the school for a long time.

Adhere to the open school, and actively expand the development space of the school through diversified cooperative education.In response to the expansion of education opening and the "Belt and Road Initiative", the University has conducted multi-level cooperation and established friendly relations with universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Poland and other countries.At present, the university has jointly organized four Sino-foreign cooperative educational programs in Big data and accounting, marketing, radio, film and television program production, and visual communication design with Chichester College in England and Edith Cowan University in Australia.To promote domestic cooperation, it has cooperated with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish Academician Chen Qingyun Workstation of Zhengzhou University of Engineering Technology and Zhengzhou Engineering Research Center for High-performance Organic Functional Materials, and postdoctoral Innovation Base.China has deepened cooperation and exchanges with North China University of Technology and Shanghai University of Engineering Technology, and achieved good results in projects such as temporary training of cadres, exchange student training and graduate student cooperation training.We have made innovations in university-enterprise cooperation, adhered to the principles of "talent education, platform construction, research and development, and results sharing", and constantly promoted university-local interaction, integration of industry and education, and university-enterprise cooperation to expand in depth, striving to cultivate high-quality applied technical talents for local economic and social development.

Adhere to the guidance of Party building, and promote high-quality personnel training with high-quality grassroots teaching organization construction.In recent years, the university has attached great importance to the construction of grass-roots teaching organizations, and has built a construction system of excellent grass-roots teaching organizations at the school level, city level and provincial level.In the past five years, the university has 4 provincial-level excellent grassroots teaching organizations approved and 9 provincial-level excellent grassroots teaching organization construction units;There are 3 municipal excellent grassroots teaching organizations through the identification, 1 municipal excellent grassroots teaching organization construction units.

Adhere to reform and innovation, promote the high quality of curriculum construction with teaching reform, and actively build first-class courses.The university has established a four-level cultivation system of school-level, city-level, provincial-level and national-level teaching reform projects, achievements and rewards.In the past five years, the university has established 32 industry-university cooperative education projects of the Ministry of Education, 41 provincial education and teaching reform projects, 25 municipal education reform projects, and 133 school-level projects.It has won 11 provincial teaching achievement awards and 2 municipal ones.It has established the national, provincial and university-level first-class undergraduate curriculum construction and cultivation system, formulated the management measures for the construction of first-class undergraduate curriculum, guided and supported teachers to do a good job in curriculum teaching design, introduced the latest research results into the teaching content, and comprehensively strengthened the ideological and political construction of the curriculum. Outstanding achievements have been made in the construction of first-class undergraduate curriculum.At present, the university has built 3 national first-class undergraduate courses and 26 provincial first-class undergraduate courses.There are 5 provincial-level virtual simulation experiment teaching projects and 10 provincial-level ideological and political model courses.

Adhere to the basic task of moral cultivation, write a new chapter in talent training.In the past five years, students have won 17 national first prizes, 37 second prizes and 68 third prizes in discipline competitions and skill competitions.109 first prizes, 202 second prizes and 298 third prizes at the provincial level.In the finals of the "Internet Plus" college Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Henan Province, four teams won the second prize and four teams won the third prize;44 national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program projects, 53 provincial-level and 20 municipal projects were initiated.University graduate Zhang Mingzhu won the title of "2017-2018 National College Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Annual newsmaker", is the only university in Henan Province selected.The university has enrolled 115 graduates in 2020, 160 graduates in 2021, and 304 graduates in 2022. The number of graduates admitted to graduate school has reached a new high repeatedly.

Adhere to the cultural personnel, campus cultural activities to lead the construction of academic style.A distinctive campus culture has been formed by carrying out a number of brand activities full of new era characteristics and school characteristics such as "Staff holiday reading activities", "Happy Reading Time" and "Top Ten College Students".Through situation report meeting, Zheng Gong forum, theme class meeting and other forms, we strive to cultivate college students' social responsibility and noble moral sentiment.It attaches great importance to students' sports activities, actively carries out the physical health standard test of college students, and holds the "Huaguang" sports activities track and field games and various ball games every year.It has established a comprehensive quality evaluation system for students, actively explored the "second class report card", and promoted the close connection between the first class and the second class to complement each other.Through system norms, reward and punishment guidance, a healthy and positive attitude toward learning has been gradually formed.The school has won the honorary titles of Henan Province "Big aesthetics" Top Ten Outstanding student work advanced unit, the summer "three to the countryside" social practice activity national excellent unit and the province's colleges and universities "media + education" work training unit.

Persisting in scientific research to revive the university, the level of scientific research has been significantly enhanced.The university has established the Henan Province Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base, Henan Province Big Data Double Innovation Base, Henan Province Electric Vehicle battery Network Combination and maintenance technology Engineering Research Center, Henan ion Exchange and adsorption resin Engineering Technology Research Center jointly built with Hebi Hage Chemical Technology Co., LTD., and Henan acridine compounds jointly built with Zhengzhou Principle Biotechnology Co., LTD The university has 6 provincial platforms such as Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 provincial science and technology innovation teams such as Henan High-performance Organic functional Materials Research and development Innovation Team, and has jointly built academician workstation and Zhengzhou Engineering Center of high-performance organic functional materials with Shanghai Institute of Organic Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences;It has built a number of research institutions such as the Central Plains Green Development Research Institute, the academic research base of the National and Local Governance Research Institute of the China Behavioral Law Society, and the Sponge City and Underground Space (Henan) Research Institute.

Standing at a new historical starting point, Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering Technology shoulders the heavy trust of the Party and the people, carries the lofty ideals of the students, focuses on the fundamental task of cultivating morality and educating people, keeps in mind the sacred mission of satisfying the people's education, and will, as always, uphold the school motto of "cultivating morality, sensitive learning, practicing and innovating". To serve the "ten strategies" of Henan Province and the modernization of Zhengzhou national central city as the purpose, to talent training as the fundamental, to discipline construction as the leader, to team construction as the key, to deepen reform as the driving force, to the "1234" project as the starting point, to accelerate the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Campus, and strive to promote teaching innovation, scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, system innovation and cultural innovation. Through the continuous recruitment of talents, the introduction of high-level talents, to create a talent highland, and then enhance the core competitiveness of the school, and strive to cultivate the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, the United States and labor era to make due contributions.(Note: The above data were collected on October 18, 2023)


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