Vice-President of ZIT visited the universities in Beijing
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On Nov. 11th, 2016, a delegation of Zhengzhou Institute of Technology(ZIT) led by the Vice Presidentof ZIT Xue Peijun, paid a visit to two universities in Beijing.

In the morning, the Vice President Xue Peijun and the delegation arrived at Xiangliang School

District of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.Accompanied by the director of the Information

Centre of the district, the delegation got to know how Smart Campus was constructed.The Vice

President Xue visited the Network Computer Center, Campus Monitor Center, Classroom Monitor Center,etc. During the visiting, the Vice President Xue was introduced in great detail about the

construction of the Data Center, Security Campus, and Smart Classrooms and so on. The delegation

discussed the framework and technical problems with the representatives from enterprises.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited Beijing Union University (BUU) and received a warm welcomeby Yu Ping, Director of the Practice Teaching Center for Tourism. Director Yu introduced the

construction and current situation of the national-levelexperiment teaching demonstration

center.The Vice President Xue Peijun spoke highly of the achievement and explorationthatthe TourismCollege of BUU had made.He recognized that thesuccessful methods and experience gained during the

process of construction would give a valuable inspiration to ZIT. He also believed that the        

construction of smart labs and smart campus of ZIT could learn from the practice of Tourism Collegeof BUU.The delegation visited the Experiment & Training Rooms and the Network Computer Center and

highly praised the advanced technology applied in the rooms, such as virtual and real technology,

face-recognition, 3D Virtual, mobile network and cloud computing.

Visiting the Information Center of Liangxiang District

    of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Visiting the Monitor Center of Liangxiang District of

      Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

    Visiting the Tourism Practice Teaching Certer

          of Beijing Union University

   Visiting the Network Center of Tourism College of

             Beijing Unite University

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