Party Committee Secretary Zhou Chunhui and Chalmers University of Technology Are in Deep Discussions about Cooperation
2017-11-02 10:46 作者:  来源:  编辑:Cai Ming

On September 15, Mr.Zhou Chunhui, the Party Secretary of ZIT held a further discussion on the direction and the key aspects of cooperation with Chen Fang, Professor of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and Mr. Dai Zhigang, the Chief Representative of Greater China of Rosen-Wang Global Partners, LLC.

Mr.Zhou Chunhui expressed the sincerity of cooperation with CUT, especially explained the matter of set up the Chalmers University of Technology China HMI (Human Machine Interface) Researching and Developing Center. Mr. Zhou pointed out that in order to set up in Sweden, China was tech HMI on research and development center, taking the industry staff training to lead, to accept the Chinese industry commissioned by the science and technology research and development as the core, to cultivate master, doctor talent as a fundamental, realize the win-win development prospect is broad. Secretary zhou also comprehensively analyzed the cooperation for Mr. Mustang polytechnic university to further strengthen the scientific research cooperation with industry, promote the concept of sustainable development, and set up r&d center in Zhengzhou, building China's HMI talent training and training base of great significance. It also designs and plans the construction, operation and function of "research and development center."

Chalmers University of Technology Dr Professor said that her HMI to set up China attaches great importance to the research and development center, strive for an early and reach a consensus on related cooperation in our school, further contribute to relevant cooperation intention as soon as possible, as soon as possible to make project takes root, to the further development of bilateral cooperation.

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