Dr.Jörgen Sjöberg the supervisor of international department of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden Visited ZIT
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Dr.Jörgen Sjöberg, the Director of International Department of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Chen Fang, Professor of CUT, Sweden, and Mr. Dai Zhigang, the Chief Representative of Greater China of Rosen-Wang Global Partners, visited Zhengzhou Institute of Technology on the morning of November 30,2017. An in-depth negotiation was made for a overall cooperation between the leaders of our school and these visitors.

In the morning, Dr. Sjöberg visited China (He'nan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Zhengzhou Integrated Services Center, accompanied by Liu Dong, vice mayor of Zhengzhou City, Mr. Zhou Chunhui, the Party Secretary of ZIT,LU Kui, President of ZIT, Yang Junliang, deputy Party Secretary, former vice president of Zhongzhou University.Dr. Sjöberg admired the tremendous achievements made by the economic and cultural construction in Henan and Zhengzhou.  

In the afternoon, Dr. Jurgen and his entourage came to Jinhe Campus of ZIT, visited the special education college students' internship training base, and watched the literary programs performed by the teachers and deaf students of the Institute of Special Education with great interest .

Subsequently, the two sides held discussions in the conference room of the Min Xue Building in Jinhe Campus. Dr. Sjöberg expressed his heartfelt thanks for the hospitality received from ZIT. He said both parties can conduct in-depth cooperation in HMI (Human Machine Interface) , doctoral training and continuing education.  

Zhou Chunhui agreed with Dr. Sjöberg's opinion about the deep cooperation in the three aspects and pointed out that the cooperation in these fields is in line with the current development situation of Zhengzhou City and our college. Mr. Zhou hopes to further collaborate on the signing of the specific research contract on the basis of signing the framework agreement and push forward the cooperation projects between the two schools rapidly so that the project will be completed as soon as possible.  

It is very pleasant for both sides to discuss the cooperation. In order to promote exchanges of visits and exchanges between the two governments and the two universities, both sides said that this negotiation is only the beginning and that there will be greater cooperation opportunities in the latter part.  

Mr. LU Kui, the President of ZIT , Mr. Yang Junliang, the former Deputy Party Secretary of Zhongzhou University and Vice President , Mr. Su Wei, the deputy Party Secretary , Vice President Xue Peijun, Sun longguo, Li Xin and other related officials of ZIT participated in the discussion. (Text / Cai Ming tu / Cai Ming Han Yanfei Li Kexiang)

Visited  China (He'nan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Zhengzhou Integrated Services Center

Group Photo with the Actors


 Dr. Sjöberg and Prof.Chen Fang in the meeting

Mr. Zhou Chunhui in the meeting

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